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Properties of our face masks:

  1. The masks have two layers of anti-fluid fabric, which is a fabric that repels liquids, fluids, water, oil, alcohol. Ideal for virus protection.
  2. Each package contains 6 units of masks.
  3. The masks have a neutral design, ideal as a complement to any look.
  4. The masks are friendly to the environment, since you can reuse them for up to 40 washes. What makes them eco-friendly
  5. The masks are easy to wash and quick dry, you can wash them and put them back on the same day
  6. Although our masks meet all health and hygiene requirements, THEY ARE NOT N95 NOR ARE THEY SEALED.
  7. 100% Colombian product and made by the Mon & Velarde brand
  8. On the recommendation of the national government to prevent the spread of COVID 19, NO CHANGES OR REFUNDS OF MONEY WILL BE MADE. We recommend you to be very sure of the product, before making the purchase.
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