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Our bow ties are ideal for unique moments, such as Wedding Parties and Grad Ceremonies. At Mon & Velarde we have that accessory that can give your silhouette a unique nuance, being discreet, but without going unnoticed.

The bowtie is an accessory that behaves like a pendulum: there are times when it is considered old-fashioned, and others when it is considered a statement. Whatever the case, you will never go unnoticed if you wear one.

At Mon & Velarde we make tailored and personalized suits and accessories, if you need to complement your look and / or make a custom made garment, schedule your appointment here: https://wa.link/jujxrc 

Remember that we can make suits or garments for all occasions, the whole look from head to toe, or if you prefer, from a garment such as: shirts, pants, jackets, etc.